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January 31, 2020

Perfume is probably one of the most personal things in the world and something many of us have strong opinions about. But, it can be tricky when it comes to deciding which fragrances to buy. We can be attracted to a particular advertisement or packaging – but what does the perfume smell like?

If, like most of us, you don’t have time to spend hours trying the testers in a store, it might be helpful to have a handy guide to what some of the most popular women’s fragrances on the market actually smell like. We have put together this list of some of our favourites, helping you to decide on the perfect perfume for you.

1. Cartier

The Cartier name is well-known for its show stopping jewellery, but the brand has also created over 100 fragrances since the launch of its first perfume, Must de Cartier, in 1981. So, what does Cartier perfume smell like?

Obviously, there are far too many Cartier perfumes to list in one article, so we have concentrated on some of the brand’s most popular scents. Currently, these include Baiser Vole, a fresh lily and citrus-toned fragrance; Cartier de Lune, which has a base of juniper berry combined with lily of the valley and rose; and the rich, fruity La Panthere. Cartier’s newest fragrance for women, Carat, has been designed to represent the colours of the rainbow in a perfume. It also contains an exotic blend of floral scents, including hyacinth, honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, violet, and lily.

However, probably the most popular Cartier fragrance is Eau de Cartier. This is one of a growing number of unisex fragrances, which can be worn either as a woman’s perfume or a man’s cologne. A bright, citrus-scented fragrance, Eau de Cartier has a woody base of cedar and patchouli, supporting heart notes of yuzu, violet, and lavender. This creates a fresh feel ideal for summer.

2. Sun Moon Stars

Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld is instantly recognisable from its midnight blue bottle. This fresh fragrance has a fruity feel, featuring tones of pineapple, peach, and orange blossom. A deeper texture is provided by notes of lotus and bergamot.

As you might expect from a major international designer, Sun Moon Stars does tend to carry a large price tag, so perfume lovers are often interested to find similar fragrances. But, what smells like Sun Moon Stars perfume? This is an intricate scent, so you’re never going to get an exact match. However, the scent notes in Sun Moon Stars make it comparable to a number of other popular fragrances, some of which can be purchased for a lower price. These include Cerruti’s 1881, Catalyst by Halston, and Tommy Girl Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger.

3. Ambush

Launched in the 1990s, Ambush by Dana quickly became a bestselling fragrance for women. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Ambush avoids being overtly floral and sweet, opting instead for an exotic combination of jasmine, orchid, and patchouli. The scent is softened with notes of lavender and heliotrope.

Sadly, Ambush has now been discontinued and sells for fantastically high prices online, but it is still missed by many of its fans. So, what perfume smells like Ambush and could be a potential replacement? Ambush contains similarities to a number of other fragrances, including Silk Blossom by Jo Malone and Promesse by Cacharel. However, its lavender notes are unusual in a women’s fragrance, and because of this, Ambush is sometimes included on lists of “What perfume smells like Dune?”

Dune by Dior, is considered a classic. This dry, musky and exotic scent is still widely available and is as relevant today as it was when it launched almost 30 years ago. If you’re looking for a more timeless version of Ambush, this is the scent to choose.

4. Angel

Angel by Thierry Mugler, has been dividing opinion ever since its original release back in 1992. So, what’s the controversy about? What does Angel perfume smell like?

Angel is a fragrance that manages to be both sweet and exotic. It contains head notes of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate, set on a patchouli base. Because of these contradictory scents, Angel falls very much into the “love or hate” perfume category, and the debate is still raging!

Angel is widely credited with kickstarting the trend for “candy fragranced” perfumes. It has been compared to a wide range of other popular scents for women, including Europhia by Calvin Klein and Wish by Chopard, both of which are slightly more musky than Angel but still contain the same contradictions. It also has some similar tones to Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.

5. Prada Candy

Launched in 2011, Candy by Prada is considered by many women to be a modern classic fragrance. Building on the popularity of sweet fragrances like Angel, Candy takes the “candy fragrance” theme to a new level. As its name suggests, this playful, feminine perfume has a distinctly sweet overtone, with caramel being its strongest note. However, this is tempered by a head tone of Benzoin, along with notes of vanilla and musk. The overall combination is a powdery, sensual scent, ideal for spring.

Prada Candy has been compared to a number of other scents, most frequently Pink Sugar by Aquolina, although Candy is the more sophisticated fragrance of the two. There are also similarities to Kenzo Flower l’Elixir.

6. Next

Next perfumes have been causing quite a sensation in recent times. These low-priced fragrances are notable for their similarities to extremely expensive bestselling perfumes from some of the world’s leading brands. So, what do Next perfumes smell like? Which brands can you use them to imitate?

Next Cashmere has many of the same tones as Elie Saab, but only costs a fraction of the price. Just Pink, also by Next, has regularly been featured in the press and on perfume forums for its amazing similarity to Romance by Ralph Lauren.

However, the Next perfume that has created the most headlines is, undoubtedly, Aura. This has been compared to a number of top-selling, top-priced perfumes, including Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium and Alien by Thierry Mugler. It contains notes of vanilla, amber, and musk, making it an exotic scent for evening wear at a highly advantageous price!

The other great thing about Next perfumes is that they are often sold as gift sets along with body lotion or shower gel, enabling you to get a stronger, longer-lasting scent.

7. Celebrity fragrances

Many of today’s celebrities release fragrances as part of their brand merchandising. These perfumes are usually aimed at the teen and young adult market – they’re too sophisticated to be children’s fragrances, but usually a little too lightweight for older adults and serious perfume lovers. However, some of them might surprise you – here are some of our favourites.

What does Britney Spears perfume smell like?

Singer Britney Spears has released 27 different fragrances to date, in conjunction with leading cosmetics brand Elizabeth Arden. Her first perfume, Curious, was an instant bestseller on its release in 2004, with its heady combination of magnolia, lotus, and jasmine set on a base of musk and vanilla.

Britney has also produced a number of other bestselling perfumes. These include the sweet, exotic Fantasy, its citrusy, tropical variation Island Fantasy, and perennial favourite Believe, a deep, musky fragrance with heart notes of honeysuckle and guava on a base of amber and patchouli.

What does Justin Bieber Girlfriend perfume smell like?

Justin Bieber Girlfriend is a sweet, floral scent with deeper, more exotic base tones of orchid and white amber, along with a definite note of musk. This base is built upon with heart notes of freesia, apricot, and jasmine, given a light, citrus feel by a head tone of orange blossom. The result is an intriguing, youthful fragrance.

What does Ariana Grande’s perfume smell like?

Ariana Grande is another superstar singer who has released a number of fragrances. To date, there are seven perfumes in her collection including the hugely popular Ari and Cloud, along with her newest scent Thank U, Next. Named after her hit song, this fragrance is ultra-feminine, with a strong coconut presence accompanied by notes of rose, pear, and raspberry.

Want to know more about what perfume smells like?

We hope this guide has helped you choose the right scents for you. Keep checking out our site for more information and advice, new additions, and hot specials, providing you with the perfect perfume gift ideas for yourself and the other perfume lovers in your life!