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The Ultimate One-Pot Cookbook


Wonderfully flavoured comfort food that's both easy to prepare and easy to serve is most people's idea of heaven. This exciting collection of recipes includes over 180 just such dishes, from warming casseroles to tender pot-roasts, and from simple and speedy stir-fries to pastry-topped pies.

One-pot and clay-pot cooking are two slightly different techniques. In one-pot cooking, the entire dish is prepared in just one pot or casserole and cooked either on the hob or in the oven. For clay-pot cooking, the dish is always baked in an earthenware container, such as a tagine or chicken brick, but may be started off in a pan on the hob.

The book is divided into ten easy-to-use chapters with recipes for every meal occasion and every course. The first three chapters include a mix of one-pot and clay-pot recipes, which include soups, from classic bouillabaisse to a chilli-flavoured Chinese chicken broth, starters such as clay-baked potato wedges and clay-pot souffles, and simple side dishes, from oven-roasted red onions to lentil dhal.

The main course chapters are divided into two types: stove-top, which are one-pot dishes cooked on the hob, and oven-cooked, which are a mix of clay-pot and one-pot dishes that are cooked in the oven. There are classic stews and casseroles, roasts and pot-roasts, rice and pasta dishes, superb recipes for fish and shellfish, and a whole range of vegetarian dishes from vegetable korma to paella.

To complete this memorable collection, there's a chapter of wonderful desserts with classics such as bread and butter pudding, clay-pot baked plum charlottes, clafoutis and tarte Tatin. With a useful, informative introduction and over 180 simple-to-prepare recipes, this inspirational, yet immensely practical book shows just how easy one-pot and clay-pot cooking can be.

  • Wonderfully flavoured comfort food that's both easy to prepare and easy to serve
  • Over 180 one-pot and clay-pot recipes from around the world, with useful cook's tips and step-by-step techniques
  • Includes soups, first courses and side dishes, stove-top stews and casseroles, roasts and pot-roasts, rice and pasta dishes, vegetables and vegetarian main courses, and delicious desserts
  • Essential information on classic clay pots, from tagines to tians, plus all you need to know about using chicken and potato bricks, garlic bakers and bean pots.


Jenni Fleetwood is a highly experienced food writer and cookery editor. She is passionate about cooking and entertaining, and has compiled and written many cookery books on international cuisines, including the food of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean, as well as creating fast yet good, nutritious food, perfectly tailored to the hectic family schedule or busy lifestyle. Jenni also writes children's books and is a member of both the Socity of Authors and the Guild of Food Writers. Her other titles published by Lorenz Books include The Dinner Party Cookbook; Clay-Pot Cooking; The Ultimate Book of Main Course Dishes; Wraps, Rolls and Parcels; Red Hot! A Cook's Encyclopedia of Fire & Spice; Griddle Sizzle and Sear; Good Food Fast, and Spirited Cooking.