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Super Foods For Pregnancy by Susannah Marriott


Certain foods pack a nutritional punch A, and can provide the optimal nutrients to nourish an expectant woman - particularly important when pregnancy side effects make eating almost anything difficult. By feasting on the foods that do her and her baby most good, a pregnant woman can ensure that her baby's brain and other organs, tissues and bones, develop healthily and that she maintains the strength and stamina to carry her baby to term and withstand the rigours of labour and delivery. 

Some foods also can be used to create safe and supportive products that can be applied to the skin, used to promote sleep and combat nausea and other side effects. Additionally, there is guidance on growing some beneficial vegetables and herbs in a small garden or containers, or gathering from the wild. 


Susannah Marriott writes about natural approaches to pregnancy and parenting. She has written 19 books, which have been translated into 11 languages, including Your Non-Toxic Pregnancy and Natural Pregnancy published by Carroll and Brown. Her writing has appeared in magazines and she has broadcast on BBC Radio 4.