Natural Smooth Soft Peeling

Rose White Essence contains AHA. 

In the horny layer of the skin, AHA works by dissolving the cement that holds dead skin cells together.  This supports the function of cell turn over and peels old dead skin.  This results in softening, and smoother skin.  Also, melanin will be removed with dead skin cells.  AHA improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.  Most of the skin’s moisture is lost through the cracks of the dead skin cells.  By removing dead skin cell, moisture will be retained.


Anti – Age function

Another function of Rose White Essence is anti-aging.  Rose White Essence contains complex that activates fibroblasts in dermis.  Since your epidermis is purified with the support of AHA, the complex is well absorbed to dermis and it activates fibroblast.  The more fibroblasts are activated, the more collagens, elastic fibers increase.  You can protect your skin from having wrinkle and premature.  Rose White Essence contains hyaluronic acid and amino acids to support N.M.F.  You can protect vaporize of the N.M.F. and you can retain moisture.




The main ingredient of the Rose White Lotion is natural rosewater.  It is a extract of natural rose flower and it contains poly-phenol that protect damage of Oxygen Free radical.  Rose water is highly used in the aromatherapy.  You feel so relax by the soft smell of natural rose when you apply the essence.


Main Ingredient:

Rose Water, Scutellaria Baicalensis, Mulberry Root, Hyaluronic Acid


Direction of Usage:

Apply a plenty of essence on your face.  If you apply the rose white essence before you go to bed, your skin will turn so smooth in the next morning.


Types of Skin:

Suitable for mature skin type