9781742575384 (CK/B)

Gluten Free Tapas by Spencer Clements


Tapas are tasty morsels of food traditionally served with drinks in cafes and bars of Spanish speaking nations. These small platefuls of food are meant for sharing with family and friends in a convivial environment. This delicious cookbook presents plenty of traditional recipes as well as contemporary ideas for creating platters of flavorful food using new and exciting ingredients. Here are recipes that can be enjoyed by anyone at any time, but most importantly cater for the guest with a wheat or gluten allergy. 


English born, but Australian raised, Spencer Clements comes from a family of fine cooks. His mother and grandmother specialised in classical baking of beautiful cakes and pastries that impressed him as a young boy. Diagnosed with IBS in his thirties, Spencer has developed a website and business called 'Edible for the Irritable', which targets sufferers of wheat allergies and IBS. This is Spencer's 2nd book.