9781906347680 (PP/B)

Australia A Panoramic Vision by Claire and Ian Welch


This magnificent book encapsulates all that is Australia which is one of the most diverse, beautiful and interesting countries in the world. The incomparable countryside is habitat to a myriad of animals, including unique marsupials, such as the kangaroo and, plant species many of which are found nowhere else on earth. Perth is known as Australia's western gateway and the most isolated city in the world. From here the Historic port of Fremantle and the infamous quokkas of Rottnest Island are explored, along with Swann Valley and the Margaret River renowned for its wine. From Western Australia this book turns its attention to the Northern Territory where the best asset must surely be, Uluru, known previously as Ayres Rock and its World Heritage National Park.Alice Springs is probably the best-known town, affectionately called the 'The Alice' which is surrounded by unforgiving desert, while Darwin harbour is renowned for its World War II heritage. Queensland, home to the Great Barrier Reef, is also famous for its Gold Coast with extensive white sandy beaches which converge with sub-tropical rain forests while New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are home to some of Australia's most historic country towns and cities.