SKII Men UV Protect Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++ 50ml



SKII Men UV Protect Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++ 50ml


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  • SK-II Men UV Protect Moisturizer SPF 30 PA+++ is a sunscreen moisturizer with Energy protection formula the Vibrant Protect Complex adequately against UV and environment violations caused by the skin, while effectively lock moisture and nourish the skin, and an overall improvement in skin condition. Among rich the new Revitalizing ingredient amino acid peptide (Carnosine), its antioxidant effect helps to clear reactive oxygen radicals and saboteurs, inhibit the formation of melanin, the protective effect, avoid skin by ultraviolet impact caused dull state; whitening moisturizing ingredients vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), locking moisture up to 12 hours to reduce the oil secretion, improve the phenomenon of large pores, make skin more smooth; the more injection sake Daiginjo incense and Icy ingredients to increase men's vitality and lasting protection bright living muscle, with a bottle of the real effectiveness of sunscreen moisturizer.

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