Moony Nappies Small ( 4-8 kg ) 84pcs



Moony Nappies Small ( 4-8 kg ) 84pcs

  • More absorbent than ever before!
  • Air Silky Touch very gentle to baby's skin.
  • Leakage Secure Fit.
  • The comfortable fit ever that helps with leakages as well! Narrower between babies legs and leakage preventing wings around the legs.
  • Winnie the Pooh Design.

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  • All Moony nappies have a 3-D processed wavy inner lining, so they have a superb level of breathability and can give out heat from baby’s urine very quickly;

  • Super Thin Design: Only a little thicker than GOO.N and Merries, but still thinner than the nappies made in other countries;

  • Moony nappy`s inner lining is made silky soft, the nappies are suitable for babies with very sensitive skin;

  • Outer sheet is very soft,  this feature provide all Moony nappies a superior flexibility which could fit baby’s different shapes more easily;    

  • Wetness indicator on all sizes -  The double lines will change to blue from yellow once the nappy get wet;

  • Quick absorption speed and superb absorbency level;

  1. Unique back liquid poo block is equipped with Moony nappies;

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